The great challenge of our times. Our contribution is an ongoing effort to improve our day-to-day practices, staying ahead of government standards and motivating our suppliers and customers to take action.


1. State-of-the-art boiler for better hot water management
2. Intelligent air conditioning system
3. Low consumption light bulbs
4. Installation of showers in more than 80% of our rooms


1. Greater use of food of local origin (Km0)
2. Purchase of electricity from companies that provide us with 100% of this energy from renewable sources
3. Ecological utensils such as straws or biodegradable cups.
4. Bulk purchase of certain products such as sugar, avoiding individual plastic packaging (exceptions in Covid19 era due to new protocols)
5. Waste management through recycling (glass, paper, oils, plastic).
6. Organic waste: We hope that our local government will soon provide us with the means to do so. Update: by 2021 it looks like we will already have this service in Roses.
7. Use vinegar and lemon in some of our cleaning practices.
8. Encourage our customers to re-use the towels for an extra day


1. Give equal opportunities to all people who want to be part of our team. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, origin, religion or disability, on the contrary all diversity is welcome, enriches us and gives us more human resources to satisfy our customers.
2. All our team members are legally insured and receive schedules that allow them to better manage work-leisure, in a safe environment (which generally exceeds government standards)
3. We promote human relationships through a higher proportion of employees vs. customers, scheduling more time for social interactions to take place
4. At Hostal Rom we assign 1% of our clients online bookings on this website to NGOs.

We encourage our customers to keep sending us feedback about our services, as well as our sustainable practices, to keep improving. All of the above ends up being a win-win for all of us.

GREEN ROSES Certificate

Born with the aim of guiding and encouraging local businesses to adopt sustainable practices.

Something difficult to achieve through larger global certifications, due to their high costs, which are impossible to finance for companies operating within such a pronounced seasonality as Roses.

GREEN ROSES calls, above all, for compliance with current government regulations. It then calls for an attitude of continuous improvement, focusing first on ‘high-impact – small investment’ actions, followed by other steps that lead to medium and long-term planning.